2 Sets Texas Hold’em Poker Plastic Playing Cards


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Deal Up Durability: High-Quality Plastic Playing Cards for Poker Lovers

Upgrade your poker nights with this 2-pack set of premium plastic playing cards. Perfect for Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and other card games, these decks offer a winning combination of features:

  • Built to Last: Made from top-grade plastic, these cards are water-resistant, tear-proof, and stand up to regular shuffling and play. No more worrying about bent, warped, or soggy cards!
  • Easy Readability: Featuring frosting (a slightly opaque finish) and large, clear numbers, these cards ensure everyone at the table can see their hand clearly, even in low-light settings.
  • Superior Handling: The smooth plastic surface allows for effortless shuffling and dealing, while the comfortable size (63mm x 88mm) offers a great grip for all players.
  • Double the Fun: This set includes two decks, perfect for larger games or replacing a worn-out deck.

More than just practical, these plastic cards add a touch of sophistication to your game night.

Product Features:

  • Material: Durable, frosted plastic
  • Size: Standard poker size (63mm x 88mm) for easy use
  • Includes: 2 decks of cards (104 cards total) – perfect for Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and other card games
  • Large, clear numbers for easy reading

These plastic playing cards are a winning choice for poker enthusiasts, casual game nights, or anyone who wants a deck that looks great and lasts for years. Add a set to your cart today!