Growatt AXE 5.0L-C1 5kW Battery

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Catalogue Code: 434888089
MPN : AXE5.0L-C1

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Easy Installation

– Thirty-minute installation

– Stacked installation without cable connection

– Module automatic recognition


Safety and Reliability

– Cobalt free LiFePO4 battery

– High cycle stability and long lifespan

– Soft start to defend the system from surges

– Whole system warranty


Smart O&M

– Auto under-voltage wakeup

– Remote diagnosis and upgrade




Each AXE 5.0L consists of 100Ah cells which form 51.2V voltage battery module and sixteen serial connection (1P16S). A single cluster can connect up to 10 batteries in parallel, and up to 8 clusters in parallel to expand the capacity and power of the energy storage system. The same type of cell and the same software version of the PACK can be used in parallel. Specifically, the AXE battery system powers the loads through PCS at nighttime without solar; when solar becomes available during daytime, solar energy powers the loads as a priority and store residual solar power into the AXE batter system.