LONLINK Electric Car Vehicle UK Plug Type 2 Cable


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Power Up on the Go: LONLINK 3.5kW Portable EV Charger

Looking for a convenient and versatile way to charge your electric car at home or away? Look no further than the LONLINK Portable EV Charger. This all-in-one unit is perfect for UK drivers who want the flexibility to charge wherever they have access to a standard plug socket.

Here’s what makes the LONLINK EV Charger a must-have for any EV owner:

  • Portable Design: Take it with you on road trips, vacations, or anywhere you need to top up your battery.
  • UK Plug Type 2 Compatibility: Charges seamlessly with most electric vehicles in the UK.
  • Adjustable Charging Power: Switch between 16A and 32A to optimize charging speed based on your needs and electrical circuit capacity (requires professional installation for 32A).
  • 3.5kW Maximum Output: Get a fast charge up to 3.5kW, perfect for overnight charging or topping up while you’re out.
  • 3.5 Meter Cable: Provides ample reach to your charging port from most parking spaces.

Stay charged and worry-free with the LONLINK Portable EV Charger. Order yours today!

Additional Considerations:

  • Before using a 32A output, consult a qualified electrician to ensure your home wiring can support the increased load.
  • For optimal safety and performance, it’s recommended to have a dedicated EV charging point installed at home.