Rectangle Air Fryer Liners


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Say goodbye to greasy messes and hello to crispy perfection! These rectangle disposable air fryer liners are a game-changer for your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer.

Effortless Cleanup:

  • No more scrubbing baked-on food! These liners create a barrier between your food and the air fryer basket, making cleanup a breeze. Simply toss the liner after use.

Healthy & Hassle-Free Cooking:

  • Made from food-grade, waterproof, oil-proof, and non-stick parchment paper, these liners ensure healthy cooking without unwanted mess.
  • The elevated edges (1.77 inches) prevent spills and make transferring food easy.

Perfect for Every Recipe:

  • Enjoy perfectly crisped vegetables, juicy meats, and even delicate baked goods without worrying about sticking.
  • Heat resistant up to 428°F (220°C), these liners are versatile for all your air frying needs.

More than just Air Fryers!

These liners are also perfect for ovens, microwaves, and steamers, making them a multi-purpose kitchen essential.

Order your pack of rectangle air fryer liners today and experience the convenience of effortless air frying!

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