Scaffolding tag inserts

Scaffolding tags in boxes 500 or 1000 inserts on waterproof material. Double Sided. New clear design with 17 time slots

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A Scaffolding tag should be fitted at all legal access points (normally ladder access) from first build stage and remain on the structure until dismantle. It can be attached via the porthole, locked in via a scaffold clip or secured with a pull tie. Helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of: Inspecting and maintaining equipment at suitable periods as deemed appropriate by a risk assessment.

500 or 1000 inserts on waterproof material

Double Sided

New clear design

17 time slots

Free delivery

Scaffolding tag inserts are a vital component of ensuring safety on any construction site that utilizes scaffolding. These inserts work in conjunction with scaffold tag holders to clearly communicate the status and any potential hazards associated with a particular scaffolding structure.

What are Scaffolding Tag Inserts?

Scaffolding tag inserts are typically made of a durable material, such as polypropylene, and are designed to fit snugly into a designated holder attached to the scaffolding. They come in a double-sided format, allowing for the display of clear and concise information on both sides.

Benefits of Using Scaffold Tag Inserts

Enhanced Safety: Scaffolding tag inserts provide a clear visual indicator of a scaffold’s status, whether it’s safe for use, requires inspection, or is out of order. This helps prevent accidents by ensuring workers are aware of any potential hazards before ascending the structure.
Improved Communication: The standardized format of scaffold tag inserts allows for quick and easy communication between crew members, inspectors, and supervisors. Information on the tag can include details like the date of the last inspection, identified hazards, and any weight restrictions.
Increased Efficiency: Scaffold tag inserts streamline the inspection process by providing a designated location for vital information. This eliminates the need for handwritten notes or cumbersome signage, saving time and resources.
Durability and Weather Resistance: Made from robust materials, scaffold tag inserts can withstand harsh weather conditions and remain legible for extended periods.
Types of Scaffold Tag Inserts

There are various types of scaffold tag inserts available, each designed to communicate a specific message:

Inspection Tags: Indicate the date of the last inspection and whether the scaffold is safe for use.
Prohibition Tags: Clearly warn workers that a particular scaffold section is unsafe to access and should not be used.
Scaffold Tower Tags: Specific to scaffold towers, these tags provide relevant information about the tower’s configuration and limitations.
Where to Find Scaffold Tag Inserts

Scaffold tag inserts are readily available from scaffolding equipment suppliers and construction tool retailers. They are often sold in packs of varying quantities to suit your project needs.

By implementing a scaffolding tag system that utilizes clear and informative inserts, construction companies can significantly improve safety standards and promote a more efficient work environment.

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